What Is Email Marketing And Why It Is Essential To Any Online Business

What Is Email Marketing And Why It Is Essential To Any Online Business


When asking someone “What is email marketing?”, many times your answer will be:


“There is a saying…”


But the continuation of this can be two fold.


Some will say “The money is in the list”. Those are mostly marketers and companies that use email marketing with great success. They understand the benefits of creating a connection to an audience with whom you have a direct way of contact.


Others will continue with “Email marketing is dead”. Those are people that either don’t see the point in emailing a list of people, they prefer using social media or have tried it but failed (either couldn’t build a list within a decent budget or couldn’t monetize the list successfully).


As we will see in the next chapter choosing between email marketing and social media marketing is a false dilemma.


Even more, social media marketing is arguably the best way to build your email list.


Since we are in proverbs mode here is another well known one for you:


“A picture is worth a thousand words”


Just take a look at the picture below. You will understand immediately why you NEED email marketing:


sale stats


It’s pretty clear that keeping contact with your potential customers and your current customers has a huge importance for your business. The easiest, fastest and cheapest method to do this is email marketing.


But wait, what exactly is email marketing? Let’s briefly explain the process…


  1.  Build an email listThis can be done either directly by placing an opt-in form on your website or actively sending traffic to a page specially built to capture emails. As an incentive you need a good quality lead magnet. The lead form is integrated with 3rd party email autoresponder like Aweber which offers a 30 day free trial.
  2. Send emails – On your autoresponder platform, you will have your email addresses stored and you will be able to compose and schedule email broadcasts. Your main goal is to build a relationship with your audience by providing great and useful content. That way your unsubscribe rate will be low.
  3. Profit – If your audience finds your content useful, they are likely to trust your opinion when you recommend a product or service you are an affiliate with. With a list you can also get a huge influx of traffic if you launch a product or just publish a blog post.

But how exactly can your business benefit using email marketing?

"New Rule!"


If your business is in any way active on the Internet (and it should be), then you must build an email list.


There are tons of ways to benefit from your email list: send people an offer about a service or product you own or are affiliated with, invite people to webinars, send traffic to your new released videos or social media content, keep in contact with your customers and inform them about new products or promotional offers etc. Email marketing is a targeted, cost effective, easy to measure way to improve your brand awareness.


email marketing

My friend who was a skeptic had a list of around 900 emails when Google announced that unresponsive websites will suffer a search engine penalty. He wrote an email in two hours and the next day he landed 15 clients that needed a website redesign.


Even a simple newsletter can be quite effective at keeping your audience informed and driving free traffic overnight to newly released blog posts or offers.


Part of the skepticism I encounter was due to the fact that many business owners think direct emailing is an intrusive method of advertising. They overlooked one thing though: people want to be subscribed to your list and receive awesome content while staying up to date on what’s happening in your particular niche.


That is the key to email marketing. If you trick people into handing over their email address and then showing affiliate offers into their inbox from day one, you are not going to be successful.


We can sum the benefits of email marketing with one sentence.


"A direct & quick way to get eyes on an offer for free."


Well, technically not free, as it takes time and effort to build the list and keep your audience interested with useful content. But you get the idea.


The false dilemma


An argument I hear from skeptic s is the fact that they do engage with their audience using social media platforms.


Now, from the start we should mention that there is no reason to choose one of the two. In fact, any decent marketer or company will use both email marketing and social media to maximize user interaction and in the end the profit.


Some of the best ways to build your list is through social media. On the other hand, you can use an email broadcast to draw attention and increase engagement of your social media content. See? They go hand in hand.


Yet email marketing has some advantages over marketing on social media platforms:

 email and social media conversion rates


– email is more popular than social media, and it’s somehow viewed as a business environment, while people on social media are there to have fun and are not necessarily in buy mode


-the open rates, conversion rates and ROI of emails are better that what you get on social media.


But what can you do to start collecting emails?


Read How can you start building your email list?