Facebook Leads an Integral part of e-Commerce

Facebook Leads an Integral part of e-Commerce

Over the years, social media has become an integral part of e-commerce. Facebook, which is among the most popular platforms, is doing much to make life easier for online businesses. Its latest innovation is the Facebook lead-generating technology that entails FB Lead Ads. The implications of the innovation are huge, and any company can use lead ads to get customers knocking on their door.

You do Not need to be an Expert

The best thing about the Facebook lead ads is that they do not require you to be an expert to use them. This is more than can be said for the conventional means which are becoming harder to use by the day. This is especially if you are doing it for mobile phone users. You will also not need to spend much money by outsourcing the service to other people to handle it for you. Some businesses spend much money on apps to help them in lead generation every year. With this innovation, you can save a lot of money, and that is music to the ear of most businesses owners.

Boost Leads from Facebook

Facebook lead generator can enable you to boost leads from the social media platform at minimal cost.  For some companies, Facebook subscribers are the primary goal.

All you have to do is to feed new subscribers in the funnel and autoresponder(like Aweber or Getresponse).

The subscribers will not have to type their email addresses. According to research, mobile users are normally reluctant to type email addresses needed to subscribe to particular lists or get an offer even if the want the reward.

The worst part of it is some customers may click on an ad but not subscribe thereby increasing the overall costs and decreasing the opt-in rates at the same time.

The new Facebook Lead Ads will help you add more subscribers to emails lists dynamically and automatically.

Mobile Users

According to research, mobile users will often tap to get an offer or subscribe just because their name and email is automatically filled in by Facebook. Recent Facebook stats revealed that there are 844 million active users on the platform every month. 655 million of those users who translate to 44 % access the social media platform exclusively through their phones. If you are not positioning yourself to get a piece of the pie, then you will miss out on many customers.

Capture Email Addresses

Facebook Leads Technology also lets you capture emails of your subscribers automatically through their Facebook accounts. The user will not have to contend with tiresome typing and long forms to fill. The leads also provide a simple way of users responding to the adverts that draw their attention. There are no additional steps to follow.

Data Downloaded via Ads Manager

The only problem you will encounter with this new feature of Facebook is that you will have to download subscriber data from ads manager. This is because it is exported to advertisers via .scv files. Once you are done with the downloads, you will have to upload the new data to the autoresponder so as to add new leads on the subscriber list. The challenges arising from this include human error, increased workload and working hours.

Evolve Your Marketing

Research reveals that removing a mobile user from Facebook will reduce the subscription /conversion rates dramatically. This can especially be said for users who do not have fast connectivity.

For such users, delays when loading a particular page will discourage them and hence lower the chances of conversion. A research by KissMetrics revealed that a one-second delay in response reduces conversion by 7%. So as to improve your returns you should evolve your marketing techniques.

About 1/5 of the world web traffic goes to Facebook, and research by ComScore reveals that over 60% of all internet usage is through mobile devices as of July 2015. You have to use the steps below to add subscribers from FB lead Ads manually.

  1. Download new subscribers from FB leads Ads .csv from the FB ads account.
  2. Open in Excel to ensure the email addresses are well formatted
  3. Upload the .csv data to the autoresponder to add more subscribers to your list.

The process takes 20 mins to complete, and you can do it every day if you use lead ads continuously.

Primary Emails

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Since FB lead ads collect the principal or primary email addresses of the users, you are assured of quality leads all the way. You will not have to contend with subscribers who give their secondary or throw away emails that they seldom check.

You will also not need to have landing pages. It is possible to request information from users from the database such as geolocation, interests, location and so on. This is unlike with landing pages that offer you only emails addresses and names as fields. With such an arrangement you can segment the list in various ways.

You will also be in a position to accurately choose your target subscribers with related emails. This is especially those who may want your offers based on their demographics and interests. Hubspot reveals that segmentation aids in improving the open and click rates by 40 % while reducing the unsubscription rates and increasing deliverability by 28%.

Because users respond to ads using 2 taps, you will get significantly higher opt-ins. You will also get a high relevance score on the adverts from FB as well as lower CPC.